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Shoot-Through vs Reflective Umbrella for Off-Camera Flash / Strobist Photography – CamCrunch
One of the first pieces of kit that you will want to invest in when you start to do off camera flash work is a nice umbrella. An umbrella is a type of modifier that can change the way the light from your flash looks like when it hits your subject. The reason why the umbrella is one of the first modifiers that people buy when they are starting off is that umbrellas are versatile, fairy compact and easy to use. There are two types of umbrellas – shoot-through umbrellas and reflective umbrellas. This short guide will run you through the two basic types of umbrellas that you will run into, what the benefits are of using one over the other and my personal recommendation as to which type of umbrella you should get as your first umbrella.

Umbrella I Recommend:

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Shoot-Through vs Reflective Umbrellas for Off-Camera Flash / Strobist Photography
Shoot-Through vs Reflective Umbrellas for Off-Camera Flash / Strobist Photography
Shoot-Through vs Reflective Umbrellas for Off-Camera Flash / Strobist Photography
Shoot-Through vs Reflective Umbrellas for Off-Camera Flash / Strobist Photography

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  1. rhyze karlo llanos
    rhyze karlo llanos says:

    dude!!! you are awesome… when someone asks me about cameras, and how to use it… or how to take good photos… i recommend CamCrunch!!! and i say "HES A FILIPINO"!!! 😉 keep it up!!! stay proud pinoy!!! 🙂

  2. Fedora
    Fedora says:

    EXCELLENT feedback; I was at a lost on what umbrella to order – because I lacked knowledge in the pros/cons of the two. You just helped prevent me from making a mistake and spending money I can't afford to waste. Shoot thru umbrella is all I need for my subjects…at least for now. Congrats on the upcoming graduation – what are your plans after graduation?

  3. WoohhooTV
    WoohhooTV says:

    What about shooting outdoors? I have to do a 5 person family photoshoot in a park. would the shoot through work well?

  4. Samiksha Ghising
    Samiksha Ghising says:

    I've just started photography. your videos are very helpful to me. Thanks for that. And <3 (y) (y) (y) You are so cute and your voice is to listen you each time. Truly i enjoy your videos.That's really good to understand. you are doing great.

  5. Vatsal Fadia
    Vatsal Fadia says:

    Hai Cam I want to know about using umbrella in flash photography. I want to know about how to use standard 33 inch golden and silver reflective umbrellas creatively. i just started indoor shoot so it's ice if you explain it in detail..

  6. Harry Michaels
    Harry Michaels says:

    I call STUs the grenades of the modifier world because they throw light everywhere. You therefore, lose some flash power.

  7. Suzie the Foodie
    Suzie the Foodie says:

    Thank you so much! This was the most helpful video on using umbrellas for photography that I could find.

  8. Jason Bodden
    Jason Bodden says:

    There are white reflective umbrellas (and soft silver, a sort of mix of white and silver) that yield pretty much almost as soft a quality of light as a shoot through. Nice, clear explanation of the types of umbrellas, though. Good stuff, bud.


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