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Contracting in the UK Just Started Contracting? For a new contractor one of the most important concerns is ensuring that all work is legally compliant in terms of charging tax and submitting it […]

Know your umbrella company

Umbrella Company acts as an employer for a contractor who enters into an overarching contract with it and gains a status of employee. These companies were launched in the year…

Business Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance Public liability insurance is meant to provide a cover against claims of compensation in case of accidental injury or damage. It covers against claims by client, contractor,…

Medical Cover For Contractors

Medical Cover for contractors  When you leave your permanent job in pursuit of contracting career, you’ll love the benefits that come with contracting. You will enjoy greater flexibility and probability…

Offshore Trusts

To see the rest of this 4 part video series visit this page: http://www.assetprotectiontraining.com/op/insiders-asset-protection-guide?ls=1384

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